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Sofie Sunday: Swimming @ Cecile’s ~ Splash, Splash, Splash!

Last Saturday, February 16, my family and I went swimming at Cecile’s Pool here in Las Pinas!

Who says weekends are for lying around and being lazy when you can be active and have fun? A fun weekend and homeschooling activity, swimming is one of the best activities to try, especially since it will soon be summer! Cecile’s is a good place to start practicing your swimming skills, which is why my family chose to go there.


The entrance was welcoming. There were two benches in a corner and the staff member was at the entrance. There was also a funny-looking statue that looked like a tiger-like monster roaring! Just beside the entrance gate there is a banner with the rules printed boldly on it. You cannot dive, do front or back flips, eat or drink in the pools, and more. Better safe than sorry!

After #Momsweettezil talked with the worker (lady in red), each of us got a stamp on our arms that said ‘Cecile’s’, and we got them so we could enter. Then we entered the gate, walked up the oak-colored stairs, and the fresh breeze, morning sun, and blueness of the pools welcomed us.



We followed #Momsweettezil where she led us to the table she rented (you can rent tables and bahay kubos at Cecile’s) and put our things down. It was starting to get sunny so we needed to start swimming. We put on our swim suits, grabbed our kick board and pool noodle, and started swimming at the cool pools!

There are four pools: one 4ft, one 5ft, one that is very shallow and best for very young children, and then another with a slide and a bit bigger. The slide is not very high, and the feeling of whooshing down the slide and splashing into the water felt great! You just have to hold your breath and be careful on the slide— then all will be fine! There is also a medium-sized sprinkler where you can play with the water gaily.



In one part of the pool area, there are some small lockers where you can store your valuables (phone, wallet, jewelry, etc.) while you are swimming. However, you need to keep the key to unlock the locker, so wherever you place it, make sure no one can see it easily.

So there you have it! My family’s fun and fresh experience at Cecile’s! You may come there for a fun activity especially this coming summer. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!



Momsweettezil’s Postscript:

Finally, we were able to push through with our plans to try swimming in Cecile’s.

We had been attempting to squeeze in a day to hang out there ever since December. Our swim coach have been urging us to spend more time in the pool (aside from our weekly sessions) so we can put into practice what we have learned and well, so that Shawn and I can consistently gain confidence in water (Yes, I have aquaphobia!).

Unfortunately, December through January, each of us would have our bouts of sickness and/or the weather was not good. We took the opportunity last Saturday, when our swimming lessons were cancelled due to Elizabeth Seton School Fair.

So, how was our Cecile’s swimming experience?

What I like:

  •  Very convenient to us since it was near our location.
  • Affordable rates, will give it 4 stars.

What I don’t like: 

  • Crowded on weekends.
  • No shaded pool area, will give it 2 stars.
  • I do find the adult pool too deep (shallowest part is 5 feet, around my neck level), and this is really a personal bias. I was looking for depth that starts at about my chest level so I don’t get too overwhelmed.



  • Three pools were catered to kids (Good for Shawn, just perfect depth for him to practice without getting scared).
  • Staff Hospitality and Resort’s Cleanliness, I will give it 3 stars.


When I inquired via phone, I asked if there are lifeguards on duty. When we were there, I assumed they were the men in green shirts. Some were sitting by the corner, watching the people in the pool. Occasionally, they roam around. I saw one of them asking for the companion of one kid (kids need to be supervised).

Overall, it was a fine place to spend with the family. Though next time, if ever we do come back, I will prefer to have it on a weekday.


Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ It’s Travel Time! Trip to The Parkplace Village

(Hello, everyone! This is just a note saying that from now on when I do a post on traveling and trips, I’m going to call it It’s Travel Time! Enjoy!)

Last Thursday, we went to The Parkplace Village in Cavite!

It was an absolutely fine trip! Today, I will tell you all about it! Get ready for a segment of fun, water, and nature!

First, we woke up really early and went in my Tita’s car. As we went our way, I saw Christmas lanterns and stars everywhere. I also noticed lots of trees! When we were near my Tita’s house (she lives in Parkplace, and we were going to stay there for a while) I saw lots of awesome and pretty houses! One of them also looked like a castle! Then we arrived at the house and sat in the living room. I was also pretty excited because we would get to go to the swimming pool of Parkplace!


Then we also had some food! There were pansit and chicken and bread! Yummy!

A bit later, we got to go to the roof top. It was amazing! There was a nearby SNR, a lot of trees, clouds, and houses!


Shawn and I also went to the garden and played around there.


Finally, at 8 am we could swim! We changed into our swim suits, grabbed our bags, opened our umbrellas, and started walking (warm up exercise). On the way, I took some pictures of the view! The trees rustled in the breeze as we chatted merrily on the way.                                                   


Then, we arrived! There were two swimming pools – one for adults and another one for kids. We chose a cottage (or as I would rather call it, a bahay kubo) and sat down. There were lots of lovely flowers around and even birds! There was also a nearby playground where Shawn and I played around.           

After a while, we started swimming around in the pools. We had floaties, boards, and toys in the pool. I practiced my floats for a bit! It was nice and cool!


A few hours later we rested in the bahay kubo and had lunch. I walked around and took some pictures of plants. While I was busy I noticed some cats and kittens around the place!                                                                       


After that, we continued swimming!

It was fun splashing and diving and practicing at the pool. Then it started getting dark and really cold so we went to the bahay kubo and started packing for home.

We enjoyed going to Parkplace very much! I hope we will be able to go again next time! Thank you to my relatives for welcoming us in your house!

**Note: For privacy and anonymity, some faces in the images had been covered.

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Bert Lozada Swimming Experience — Let’s dive in!

Yesterday,  #Momsweettezil,  #DinoShawn, and I had our very first swimming classes.

Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS) offers swimming lessons at Seton. You will go to the big, long, and not so deep (But it still is a bit deep, but not like ocean deep, obviously) pool at Seton, have a quick rinse, change into your bathing suit (You can wear it under your clothes to be quick and rinse with them on), then the coach will teach you how to swim, float,  and breathe. Before I tell you our experience, let me tell you about our bathing suits!

So we got some new bathing suits at Robinsons Place Las Pinas and SM Southmall. I got a stylish light green top and some purple swim shorts for myself, Shawn got an orange rash guard and light grey swim trunks, and Mom has her blue and black rash guard and light grey swim shorts that had a light green tie on it. Aside from the bathing suits, we also got some goggles (Pink for me and Mom, blue for Shawn), swim caps for me and Mom (Shawn didn’t need one, as he has short hair), and a kickboard, which I guess we’ll need for other lessons (We did not need to use it yesterday). Here we are in our swimming suits!

Let’s swim!

Ok, now for the part when we start swimming!

Shawn went first with a little girl who was six or five. With the nice coach, Shawn learned how to get used to the water. The coach also told both of them that the rules were listen to the teacher, no running, and if need to go to the restroom just tell the coach. Shawn says he liked the lesson very much!

After Shawn, it was our (Mom and me) turn!

We had more classmates, two boys and one girl who I made friends with. We learned how to do the three different kinds of float: The Starfish, The Turtle, and The Angel Float. Then we learned how to hold our breath, which I think I was pretty good at. You should not hold the air in your cheeks, it should be in your chest. Then the Torpedo, The Torpedo Kick, and the Doggie Paddle, which kinda was like a mix of the Torpedo. Unfortunately, these I have to practice. I am not straightening my body very well so I end up doing it wrong, and sinking into the bottom. Uggggghhhh! But I should practice more so I can perfect them. Mom also has some trouble breathing because she has asthma, so she cannot hold her breath very long.

Either way, we all had fun swimming! The pool felt like a giant jelly, and it felt nice and satisfying to kick, hit, and splash! You can also hear the water in your ears when you’re under, too! It’s fun swimming at Bert Lozada Swim School!